CEO Forum


CEO Forum

CEOs Collaborating with CEOs for Success

You Don't Need to Be Alone

The CEO Forum is a diverse advisory board of 10-12 CEO peers from non-competing small businesses.  These top executives/owners meet once a month to confidentially collaborate and support each other with innovative perspectives on topics of common interest, as they address real issues for real results with ....

Honest Feedback - Tough Questions                                                                                      Sharing Experiences, Knowledge & Resources                                                                   Evaluating Solutions - Accountability

They leave each meeting with . . .

  • Renewed confidence, knowing other CEOs are in their corner.
  • Innovative ways and means to become more competitive.
  • Fresh ideas and opportunities from ah'ha moments in the meeting.
  • Stronger leadership skills to improve performance of their businesses.
  • Greater insight for thinking though strategies and making decisions.
  • And much more.

Each CEO Forum is facilitated by 2 SCORE volunteers, who are fomer business owners and/or CEOs themselves.    Forums meet monthly and members pay a nominal fee to participate.

Most importantly . . . What Happens in a CEO Forum, Stays in a CEO Forum!

To get connected to a Forum and learn more:

Click the Briefing Request link below to request to be contacted by a SCORE volunteer who will:

  • Discuss details and answer your questions.
  • Explore which CEO Forum would be best for your needs.

                             "Briefing Request"

This link will take you to a page to submit some basic information on a registration form.  You will be contacted to discuss the CEO Forum details and the fit for your company.  The information in the form is confidential and will be shared only if you become a member and only with your forum group.

CEO Forum members' automatic payment.

The following link allows you to charge your CEO Forum monthly fee to your credit card or use a PayPal account.  This charge should be established as soon as you agree to join a CEO Forum.  Your credit card will be charged monthly.