CEO Groups

"Lonely at the top"

        . . . is detrimental to the success of a small business.

CEO Forum Purpose

A closed group of small business CEO peers meeting monthly to focus on the strategic leadership and decision-making issues that only the CEOs of other small businesses truly understand and experience.  Topics that often cannot be shared with employees and others.

CEO Forum Focus

As a small business CEO, you have decisions that you alone must make and often with less than all of the needed information: Do I have the right strategy?  The right people?  Is my leadership effective for success?  How are my daily decisions affecting strategy?  Should I consider selling, merging or acquiring?  What are the latest trends?

CEO Forum Payoff

Your peers get it!  Only in a closed group with other trusted CEOs, who understand small business ownership, can you step back from day-to-day operations and get very honest essential feedback as well as solutions and support immediately and over time.  CEOs who face the same issues and who have expertise in a variety of business disciplines.  CEOs who learn each other's strengths, weaknesses and leadership styles.  CEOs who raise issues they are facing which you have not previously considered but have an impact on your business.

Making It Work

Each monthly half-day CEO Forum group meeting has experienced facilitators to provide an honest, trusting, open and confidential environment.  The facilitators focus on issues, equal participation with meaningful discussion as well as group continuity and sustainability.

                     Honest Feedback   &   Tough Questions   &  Sharing Experiences                     Knowledgeable Resources   &  Evaluating Solutions   &  Accountability

CEO Forum Member Traits

CEO Forum members are CEOs of small business with employees.  They have a desire to improve and a willingness to support each other through attendance and sharing.

CEO Forum Costs

All of this for $100 per month through an automatic PayPal withdrawal.

Request a CEO Forum Briefing and learn more:

A CEO Forum Volunteer will contact you to discuss details, answer questions and explore the best CEO Forum fit for you and your business needs.




CEO Forum Online Payment

The following link allows you to charge your CEO Forum monthly fee to your credit card or use a PayPal account. This charge should be established as soon as you agree to join a CEO Forum. Your credit card will be charged monthly.