Business Planning

SCORE Minneapolis is fortunate to be one of the larger chapters in the country.  For the client whave over 85 volunteer professionals with a broad mix of senior executive and business experience.

These dedicated men and women include both working and retired executives as well as business owners.  They conduct more than 3,800 private mentoring sessions each year. SCORE volunteers use their energy and expertise to work as a team to help you implement business practices in accomplishing your objectives.

These volunteers have virtually every business skill, including;  advertising, business planning, accounting and finance, management, human resources, information technology, manufacturing, marketing and sales, tax planning and more.

These skills are coupled with broad industry experience including: Consulting, eCommerce, Franchising, Nonprofits, Food Services, International (Import/Export), Computer, Real Estate and more.

These service are provided FREE without regard to race, color, national origin, gender, age or disability.  If you think these volunteers could help you, click MENTORING on this website and file a Request for Mentoring - either face-to-face or via email. Describe your need and a scheduling specialist will contact you within 48 business hours to review your request and schedule an appointment with an appropriate mentor. An appointment confirmation will be sent to the email address you provide.

The following roster provides an email link to specific individuals to help you with unique questions

ELECTED LEADERSHIP - Terms October 1,2015 thru September 30, 2016

Chapter Chair -Bob Seitz The Chapter Chair  is responsible for overall  chapter management.   Serves as spokesperson for the chapter.  Develops the leadership team to manage chapter activities.

1st Vice Chair - Ed Gilbert   Assists in the discharge of the chair duties.  Prepares to become Chair for the next year.

2nd Vice Chair - Tom Vogel  Assists in the discharge of the chair duties.  Prepares to become 1st Vice Chair for the next year.

Secretary - Becky Albrecht.  The Secretary records the minutes for Executive Committee meetings and other formally called chapter meetings.  Publishes the minutes of subject meetings.

Treasurer - Phil Kruger  Manages and controls all chapter funds.  Follows SCORE policies and procedures concerning the source and use of funds.  Maintains detailed records concerning chapter funds.


Marketing Committee - Greg Lincoln Develops a marketing program, including public relations and publicity to assist the Chapter appropriately publicize chapter offerings.  Develops promotional materials to publicize events.  Provides Social Media sites and posts for the Chapter.

  • Bruce Becker - Google Adwords
  • Ed Hennen - Brochures, Flyers & Posters
  • Gary See - Library Posters
  • Dan Shidla - Veterans Workshop
  • Kathy Simmons - Women's Business Seminar
  • Erik Greene - Social Media Advocate
  • Bill Kwasny - Outreach to Vets, Schools and Universities

Education Committee - Dennis Bingham Oversees the development of chapter curriculum and educational materials for members (internal) and clients (external) training.  Oversees the activities associated with national training program.

  • Mort Harris - Intro to Start and Simple Steps to Start Workshop
  • Viju Monie - Into to Grow and Simple Steps to Grow Workshop
  • Jerry Rudnick - Quickbooks Basics
  • Becky Albrecht - Hiring and Managing Employees
  • Loren Herbst - Buy/Sell Business and Biz Plan 21 Questions
  • Bob Purvis, Ed Hennen & Chuck Radke - Calendar
  • TBD - Libraries for off site mentoring
  • Dick Allendorf - BPC, Business Planning Center
  • TBD - Membership Education Coordinator

CEO Forum Peer Groups - Mark Ratner  Coordinates groups of CEO's in monthly peer group discussions of issues pertinent to them.

Membership Committee - Robert Purvis  Leads chapter recruiting efforts for new volunteers.  Responsible for training, development and integration of the new volunteers into Chapter activities..

Customer Service & Office Manager - Becky Albrecht.  Manages the daily operations of the chapter to insure the client intake process is conducted professionally.  Maintains a system that ensures all client requests are responded to within two business days. 

Fundraising & Sponsorships - Loren Herbst

Technology Committee - Marty Wirth. Responsible for overseeing all hardware and software associated with the electronic creation, transmission and storage of information related to the SCORE Minneapolis Chapter. He is also Webmaster for SCORE Minneapolis website, office LAN and SEO.

  • Jerry Rudick manages ConstantContact email marketing and event home page creation and publication.
  • Ear Hendricks - assists with ConstantContact event design and email promotion.
  • Virgil Dissmeyer - general assistance, ReadyTalk usage and  manages the SCORE Minnesota webinar series.
  • George Anderson - Special or unique hardware and software projects.

Online Monthly Newsletter - Stef Hart  publishes and emails the Chapter monthly membership and client newsletters.                 Content submissions are sought from all sources.

It takes a lot of SORE members and a diversity of talents to maintain client services through the Chapter structure. These include individual business workshop hosts, monthly newsletters, monthly Chapter meetings and speakers, business planning center,  and most importantly mentoring through counseling sessions.  If you have a skill, the time and the interest to share your experience with others, consider becoming a SCORE volunteer.  Click the Volunteer Tab on our home page.