Every new business has business tax questions .  SCORE counselors can answer general questions. But since taxes are complex and always evolving, a entrepreneur should consult their accountant for detailed guidance.  However, the state makes many resources available on their web sites to help you identify when you need help. The two categories are: Income taxes for individuals, as business owners, and sales/use taxes  applied to taxable sales.  Click these links to many online resources.

The two broad categories of taxes are: 

Income Tax for individuals and businesses.  The link above also discusses tax prepareers and property tax.

Sales/Use Tax is the second category.  Whether you must collect these taxes depends on whether you are selling a product or service, on the internet or via a MN store front.  Generally products are taxable and services are exempt - however, there are many types of exemptions.  The link above jumps to fact sheets by type of service/product.  When in doubt contact the Minnesota Sales Tax  Division.