Feedback from Our Clients


  • “It is a wonderful service very convenient and great that it is no cost.”
  • “We have been able to get a lot of information.”
  • “Helpful and informative! Great group to help better understand the next steps.”
  • “It was nice that they weren’t looking to get anything from me (as in sales).  Everything was about me and my business from experts.” 
  • “My mentor is an upstanding individual! Very helpful, motivating, and helps you uncover problems you may not know you had.
  • “Friendly nonjudgmental advice and thoughtful recommendations.”
  • “Great experience with my mentors and a new understanding of where I need to go with my business.”
  • “My mentors were very knowledgeable, asked a lot of good questions and provided excellent advice for moving our business plan forward.”
  • “Had a great first experience with my mentor.” 
  • “They are creative, great listeners with experience and ideas to help.” 
  • “My mentors were very knowledgeable and helpful.  Everybody can use someone like that.”
  • “They are creative, great listeners with experience and ideas to help.”

Starting A Business

Boom Island Brewing Company

We needed an experienced business professional to help us. Marshall (our SCORE mentor) started by helping us draft a business plan.


As entrepreneurs flying solo, we needed a sounding board besides our friends and family. Our SCORE mentors provided excellent advice that guided and kept us on track.

Smarty Pants Kids

Early on, Makya was referred to SCORE by her accountant to help her think through her concept of starting a retail business.

Thrive Adventures

Launching a business was uncharted territory for Al Macdonald. He connected with a group of SCORE mentors who had experience working internationally.

US Roller | Rolling in Success

How SCORE Helped Me Succeed Mort asked all the key questions and helped me prepare a detailed business plan – a three-year plan with financial projections and narrative on how the

Mobile Electronic Fingerprinting

The mentors at SCORE helped me get through so many of the start-up problems of getting a business off the ground and launching a national network of registered and qualified profes

The Wabi Sabi Shop

SCORE Minneapolis provided free business advice that helped this entrepreneur realize her dream of becoming a business owner. SCORE is a nonprofit organization working to help smal

Growing A Business

Veritas Marketing, LLC

SCORE counseled Holly Jo Anderson in developing a business plan for Veritas Marketing.

Moxie Cycling Company

SCORE has provided an business advisory team consisting of accounting, international, finance and marketing talents.